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Kuzma: "I'd rather be talked about bad in L.A. than play in Orlando and not get talked about."



[–]Raptorspleasefeedthedino 5499 points 14 hours ago

How to become the most hated man in Orlando in one brief sentence


[–]MagicPmburning 1080 points 12 hours ago

Can confirm. Got a random text from my brother ranting about Kuzma being trash.


[–]Clippersdocmartens 559 points 11 hours ago

Which he explicitly said he prefers. Try to find a loophole, Kyle wins every time.



[–][CHA] Al JeffersonDonEYeet 516 points 14 hours ago

Orlando has a surprisingly strong fan base in their city. I think their attendance has been average despite being terrible for years


[–]Knicks TankswagonLeiatte 294 points 14 hours ago

Yeah, the attendance is actually nice & filled well most games.

I will say that though, I work at the Amway Center & while we do have strong attendance there are a good amount of foreigners who really just want to watch an NBA game. Still butts are in the seats



[–]MagicJamesJosiah 107 points 14 hours ago

I'm a foreigner who made a pilgrimage to see the Magic last year the atmosphere was far better than when I've seen the Knicks at MSG (and they won)


[–][ORL] Dwight Howardmynickkerr 295 points 14 hours ago

Bro I swear people on this sub have only been watching basketball for the last 5 years. Prior to Dwight leaving, Orlando has been a pretty consistently good team with some big name players. Dwight had the most votes for the all star game in 2009 and 2012 and Shaq and Penny literally starred in a movie together. We also, despite being terrible for the last few years, still get pretty decent attendance.



[–]IBAIL 36 points 14 hours ago

I've always wondered why Orlando doesn't get more free agents. Great weather, amazing beaches, no state tax..


[–]Netsbroodgains89 776 points 15 hours ago*

Does he not fear Florida Man?



[–]RaptorsJasonH0711 1131 points 15 hours ago

normally I’d say no one cares about Orlando but yesterday I witnessed the power of the orlandonians. They are plenty in number and will stop at no cost to tell you that Wes Iwundu is the 3&D of the future, that their strength of schedule is the easiest and that Markelle Fultz will be their 5-0 saviour.


[–]MagicCaptainBananaFish 241 points 14 hours ago

nothing but facts here


[–]KnicksRUBEN4iK 1820 points 15 hours ago

Damn, New Orleans is gonna be tough for the kid..


[–]Wizardszeek215 1315 points 15 hours ago

Jokes on Kuzma, Fultz has figured out how to not play in Orlando and still win, while also getting talked about.


[–]Magiccamerongoat 475 points 15 hours ago

He truly is the #1 pick


[–]MagicRitersBloque 46 points 15 hours ago

lol, we have two lottery picks from 2017 and our first this year.

Also, Markelle and Mo will be in the incubator while we fight for a playoff spot. I feel so much better than I did a month ago.




[–][TOR] Kyle LowryNortho4 649 points 15 hours ago

Why you gotta do Orlando like that?


[–]MagicRitersBloque 389 points 15 hours ago

not sure. He's gonna be a Magic player in like three years.


[–]MagicRitersBloque 597 points 15 hours ago

swept him this season.


[–]Nuggetslosangelesqueens 82 points 11 hours ago

Nobody talked about Orlando’s wins, they talked about the lakers losses

And that’s kuzmas point




[–]Celticssahsan10 226 points 15 hours ago



[–]HesiPull-UpBrando 127 points 15 hours ago

Orlando has had plenty of stars in the past with Shaq, Penny, TMac, Dwight, etc. if you’re a star player or a good player on a really good team you’ll be talked about


[–]runtheroad 100 points 14 hours ago

At one point Orlando almost signed Grant Hill and Tim Duncan in the same off-season while they still had McGrady. But Duncan ended up not signing because Doc River's wouldn't let wives travel with the team and then Hill got hurt. They were this close to being the original free-agent super team. Now they get shit on by Kyle Kuzma.

曾经魔术能同时签下格兰特-希尔和蒂姆-邓肯,当时他们还有 麦迪呢,但是邓肯不签约是因为里弗斯没让邓肯的妻子上飞机而希尔受伤了,他们差点就成为休赛季自由球员最热的球队,现在却被库兹马奚落。

[–]Bronswife 501 points 15 hours ago

Unprofessional. He never knows when Orlando might become his team.




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